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As a member of an Internet awareness survey team, we had visited a home. The unruly owner asked, "Tell me the difference between washing machine & Internet?” When I was cursing my luck, my colleague answered, "The former washes your cloth and the later washes your brain."
Thanks to: Manoj Kumar Patra - India
rec.:Aug/24/2002    pub.:Nov/12/2002

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A manager was soliciting resumes through a recruitment agency to fill in a senior staff member who had just resigned. The next day the recruitment agent came in to meet the manager and beaming he handed over a resume and said, "M'am, we have got just the right person you are looking for. The manager after skimming through the resume was visibly upset. Puzzled, the recruitment agent enquired what the matter was. The manager replied, "This candidate on the resume is the best we've got in our department".
Thanks to: S. John - India
rec.:Feb/24/2008    pub.:Mar/12/2008    sent:May/8/2010

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Bill attended a party where he met an old acquaintance, “Hello, Sam,” he said. “How’s your clothing business? I heard you lost a lot on that fall shipment of dresses.”
“That’s right,” Sam responded.
“And you almost went bankrupt.”
“That’s true too.”
“But I understand you made a big profit on another shipment and wound up having a pretty good season after all.”
“That’s correct. Then I guess you heard all about it, Bill.”
“Yeah,” Bill answered, “but this is the first time I’m hearing all the details.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jan/2/2002    pub.:Jan/2/2002

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Jim, a collections specialist, was on his first day of work for his new employer and was assigned to collect a past due balance from a company that was a customer of his employer. He had been provided with a standard script that he was to use where he was to ask for "Accounts Payable" when calling the customer so that he could talk with someone about the payment of the past due bill.He made the call, asked the receptionist for "Accounts Payable", and waited for what seemed to be forever on hold. Finally, after a very long time, the receptionist, who was also on her first day on the job and new to the world of business, came back on the phone and stated, "I am sorry, but I have looked down our list of employees and I do not find anyone named Accounts Payable."
Thanks to: Hans - USA.
rec.:Jul/22/2012    pub.:May/28/2013    sent:Jan/12/2015

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