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There was once a couple named Nancy and Mike Tate, and it was their life's dream to have a compass company. They finally saved enough money and started the Tate's Compass Company. Luck was with them, for the first contract they acquired was to manufacture 750,000 compasses for the Boy Scouts.
Nancy and Mike worked feverishly day and night to meet their deadline, and finished just before the Boy Scout Jamboree was to begin. On the day of the Boy Scout Wilderness hike, each boy scout was given a Tate's Compass to help them find their way. Unfortunately, it was discovered a little too late that every single compass was made with the colored point of the needle facing
the wrong way, so when one was facing North, the needle pointed to the South.
Needless to say, all of the boy scouts got lost and it was the biggest fiasco known in Boy Scout history. The Tate's compass company went out of business, but from this experience came the familiar adage, "He who has a Tate's is lost." (Say it out loud).
Thanks to: Dede Molter - USA.
rec.:Oct/3/1998    pub.:Oct/3/1998    sent:Oct/3/1998

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Did you hear about the problems in the Woodworkers Union?

A radical group broke off and formed a splinter group.
Thanks to: Mark O.
rec.:Jan/9/1999    pub.:Jan/9/1999    sent:Jan/9/1999

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The following is a true story.

Following a miserable year, the CEO of a company called all the Project Managers for a performance review meeting. After giving them a piece of his mind, he asked each Manager to present his/her case. One of the Managers gave a long winding speech of excuses on his Project’s performance over which the CEO got irritated and yelled “Just tell me Yes or No”. The Manager coolly said “Yes or No” and sat down!
Thanks to: Venky - India
rec.:Aug/1/2001    pub.:Aug/29/2001

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I stand behind every car I sell said the previously owned sales rep.
I help push it!
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Apr/20/2010    pub.:Apr/20/2010    sent:Aug/23/2010

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