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Feeling dizzy and nauseous, Bill went to the doctor. “So,” said the doctor as bill sat on the examining table, “what seems to be the problem?” At once Bill shot his feet, grabbed his hat and coat, and stormed toward the door. “What’s the matter?” claimed the doctor.
“The nerve of you!” Bill snapped. “All those years of medical school, and you want me to make the diagnosis!”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Aug/18/2003    pub.:Aug/18/2003    sent:Aug/29/2003

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A doctor told his patient after reviewing his x-rays he needed
surgery costing $5000.00. The patient said he only had $500.00 and
what could be done. The doctor said, "Well, I can always touch-up
your x-rays."
Thanks to: Jim Johnson - USA.
rec.:Dec/8/2004    pub.:Dec/15/2004    sent:Jan/30/2006

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What does it mean when the doctor says you have six months to live? You have five months to pay! 
How can you tell if you have a cheap doctor? He takes Friday off to play miniature golf. 
When does a doctor suggest emergency surgery? When he's ready for a new sports car! 
What advice don't you want to hear from a doctor before an operation? Whatever you do, don't go into the light. 
Thanks to: Simple Sentiments - Pembroke Pines - Florida - USA.
rec.:Jan/20/2000    pub.:Jan/20/2000    sent:Jan/20/2000

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-A man goes to the dentist and says:
-My teeth are kind of yellow, what do you recommend?
-A brown tie!!!
Thanks to: Roman
rec.:May/21/1998    pub.:May/21/1998    sent:May/21/1998

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