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"Just to establish some parameters," said the professor, "Mr. Nichols, what is the opposite of joy?"
"Sadness," said the student.
"And the opposite of depression, Ms. Biggs?"
"And you, sir, how about the opposite of woe?"
"I believe that would be giddy up..."
Thanks to: Dede Molter - USA.
rec.:Oct/8/1998    pub.:Oct/8/1998    sent:Jan/8/2012

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A student burst into his professor’s office and says; "Professor Stigler, I don't believe I deserve this F you've given me."
To which Stigler replied, "I agree, but unfortunately it is the lowest grade the University will allow me to award."
Thanks to: N Mutaka - Nigeria
rec.:Apr/16/2007    pub.:Apr/16/2007    sent:Feb/22/2013

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A man had two goldfish,
he named one of them "One"
and the other "Two"
he did this because..

if one died, he'd still have two
Thanks to: jimbobjoe - Ireland
rec.:Nov/30/2008    pub.:Dec/19/2008    sent:Jan/1/2009

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Three immigrants to the U. S. were just mastering the language. One was telling the others about the difficulty they were having in attempting to start a family. He said, "I think my wife must be impregnable." The second said," that's not the right word, she is inconceivable". To which the third replied, "You are both wrong she is unbearable."
Thanks to: G. Brunner
rec.:Aug/31/1998    pub.:Aug/31/1998    sent:Dec/12/2013

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