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Have you heard that a company has come out with a new cell phone made just for senior citizens?
It not only has bigger numbers, rotary dial and the best feature; it has less memory.
Thanks to: Betsy Giles - Juneau - Alaska - USA.
rec.:Dec/14/2006    pub.:Feb/5/2007    sent:Apr/15/2009

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One day an old lady and an old man were sitting on their porch when the old lady says "Hey pa, why don't you run down to the restaurant and get us some ice cream." Pa said, "Ok I will go right now." Ma told him that she had better write it down for him, because he always forgets. He said no he would be fine, so off he went to the restaurant. When he got back he handed her a hamburger and she said "Dang it pa, I knew you would forget, I told you to get mustard on mine!"
Thanks to: Krystal - Mn - USA.
rec.:Nov/4/2005    pub.:Dec/22/2005    sent:Apr/16/2006

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A girl walks into a supermarket and asks the clerk,” Can I have a turkey for my grandma?" the clerk responds,” Sorry. We don't do exchanges."
Thanks to: Daphna - USA.
rec.:May/18/2002    pub.:Jul/28/2002

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Grandpa was driving with his 9-year-old granddaughter and beeped the horn by mistake. She turned and looked at him for an explanation.

He said, "I did that by accident."

She replied, "I know that, Grandpa."

He replied, "How did you know?" She said, "Because you didn't say "idiot!" afterwards.
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Mar/29/2004    pub.:Mar/29/2004    sent:Aug/5/2005

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