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What’s the good part about Alzheimer’s diseased?
You keep meeting new friends.
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Dec/7/2010    pub.:Dec/7/2010    sent:Nov/5/2011

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An Englishman took a business trip to New York. When he arrived, the hotel clerk asked him a riddle. "My mom and dad had a baby. It wasn't my brother. It wasn't my sister. Who was it?"
The Englishman thought long and hard, but eventually gave up. "I don't know who was it?"
The hotel clerk responded, "It was me!"
The Englishman thought that was hilarious. He couldn't wait to get home and tell this funny joke to his family and friends in England.
When he arrived home they met him at the airport and he asked them: "My mom and dad had a baby. It wasn't my brother. It wasn't my sister. Who was it?"
His friends thought and thought about it until they gave up. So he told them, "It was a hotel clerk I met in New York."

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jun/15/2004    pub.:Jun/15/2004    sent:Jul/29/2004

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Recently while attending a dinner party, by way of conversation, the guest seated beside me asked "do you stir your coffee with your right hand or your left?” to which I replied "My right hand”. The response "interesting indeed, I stir mine with a spoon!”
Thanks to: Joan Marshall - St. John's - Province of newfoundland - Canada
rec.:Feb/3/2004    pub.:Feb/12/2004    sent:Jul/11/2004

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A neurotic is the person who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the person who lives in it. And a psychiatrist is the person who collects the rent.
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jan/22/2008    pub.:Jan/22/2008    sent:Feb/11/2009

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