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Dean and Jerry were riding a train across the west.
Jerry looked out the window and saw a whole lot
of buffalo roaming the range.
Look at that big bunch of buffalo said Jerry.
Dean: Donít say bunch say herd.
Jerry: Heard what.
Dean: Herd of buffalo.
Jerry: Sure Iíve heard of buffalo.
Dean: No... you donít understand, a buffalo herd.
Jerry: I donít care what a buffalo heard
I ainĒt said nothing that Iím ashamed of.
Thanks to: El Cass - Hampton - Va - USA.
rec.:Dec/5/2007    pub.:Dec/12/2007    sent:Feb/5/2008

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A drunk guy approaches a cute girl in a singles bar. ďHi Babe, how about a date? He says. ďDonít waste your time. I never go out with a perfect stranger.Ē
ďIt seems we are both in luck. Iím far from perfect.Ē
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Mar/30/2009    pub.:Mar/30/2009    sent:Feb/27/2010

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This yokel was applying for a job and was being asked the normal questions; Name, age, sex, address, etc.
The interviewer asks him for his fatherís name and his motherís maiden name.
What do you mean maiden name? The yokel asked.
What was your motherís name before she was married?
None he replied, what do you mean none? Because I didn't have a mother before she was married.
Thanks to: El Cass - Hampton - Va - USA.
rec.:May/26/2009    pub.:Jun/1/2009    sent:Sep/17/2009

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The United States is the only country where housewife hires a woman to do her cleaning so she can do volunteer work at the day care where the cleaning woman leaves her child
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Feb/20/2006    pub.:Feb/20/2006    sent:Jun/14/2006

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