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Two brothers were raised on a farm, one brother moved to town. Every year, the city brother would come out to visit the farmer brother. Every time he came out, the farmer brother was complaining about his crops. It was too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, prices were low, the crops looked bad. As the city brother was driving out one year, he noticed the crops looking great. He had the radio on and crops were hitting an all time high. As he got out to the farm, here was the farmer brother sitting in a rocking chair with a grumpy looking on his face. The city brother asked why he was in a bad mood. The crops looked great, the right amount of rain, temp., and prices were setting records highs. The farmer brother said, you know what a crop like this takes out of the soil?
Thanks to: Jim - MN - USA.
rec.:Oct/31/2006    pub.:Nov/13/2006    sent:May/17/2007

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A Montana sheep farmer was driving down the road outside of Billings one day when a State Trooper pulls him over and says, "Hey buddy, you know you just made a U-turn"? 
The farmer replies, "I did? I know sometimes I make their eyes roll."
Thanks to: Anonymous
rec.:Jul/22/2000    pub.:Jul/22/2000    sent:Jul/22/2000

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Did you hear about the farmer who wanted to buy a thousand hens, but didn't have the put them on a layaway plan!
Thanks to: Freddie Pitz - Canada
rec.:Nov/27/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Feb/1/2014

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Q:Why did the farmer feed his cow money?
A:Because he wanted rich milk
Thanks to: Melanie - Saint Lucia
rec.:Aug/19/2006    pub.:Oct/13/2006    sent:Feb/7/2008

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