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A guy goes to a girl's house for the first time, and she shows him into the living room. She excuses herself to go to the kitchen to make them a few drinks, and as he's standing there alone, he notices a cute little vase on the mantel.
He picks it up, and as he's looking at it, she walks back in. He says "What's this?"
She says, "Oh, my father's ashes are in there."
He goes, "Geez...oooh....I..."
She says, "Yeah, he's too lazy to go to the kitchen to get an ashtray."
Thanks to: Donna Stuckert - USA.
rec.:May/16/1999    pub.:May/16/1999    sent:Jun/1/2012

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A woman in Atlantic City was losing at the roulette wheel. When she was down to her last 10 dollars, she asked the fellow next to her for a good number. “Why don’t you play your age?” he suggested. The woman agreed, and then put her money on the table.
The next thing the guy with the advice knew, the woman had fainted and fallen to the floor. He rushed right over. “Did she win?” he asked. “No” replied the attendant. “She put 10 dollars on 33 and 46 came in.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:May/15/2006    pub.:May/15/2006    sent:Jan/24/2011

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A tactical wife is one who makes sure she spends so much on herself that her husband can't afford another woman.
Thanks to: H.N.Krishna Murthy - Bangalore - Karnataka - India
rec.:Feb/10/2007    pub.:Mar/21/2007    sent:Dec/8/2008

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Two ladies were hanging out together and one was depressed. "What's wrong?"
The depressed one replied, "I've been married four times and everyone of my husbands has passed away."
The other lady asked, "What did they used to do?"
The depressed lady replied, "Well, my first husband was a millionaire, the second was a magician, the third was an evangelist, and the fourth was a mortician."
And the other said, "Oh, one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go."
Thanks to: Charlene Repsis
rec.:Dec/14/1998    pub.:Dec/14/1998    sent:Dec/14/1998

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