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An idiot guy walks up to the door of a bar, rolling a wheel along with him. The bouncer says, “Hey, what are you doing with that?”
“Last time I came here, they said we had to have proper IDs and a tire.”

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Mar/30/2009    pub.:Mar/30/2009    sent:Feb/26/2010

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“What sort of an act do you do?’
“I bend over backwards and pick up a handkerchief with my teeth.”
“Anything else?”
“Then I bend over backwards and pick up my teeth
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Jan/22/2003    pub.:Jan/22/2003

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An old man walking along the river bank suddenly spotted a boy drowning in the river. The man started shouting "HELP! HELP! I can't swim", a man passing by the road shouted back "Will you ever grow up! I also can't ride a bicycle but you'll never hear me yelling about it in the street"

Thanks to: Andile Nkala - South Africa
rec.:Sep/9/2011    pub.:Nov/7/2011    sent:Jun/3/2013

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Two avid hunters take a hunter's safety class in which they learn that the universal signal for an emergency is three shots in the air.
Sure enough, on their next hunting trip the two men get lost.
One says to the other, "What shall we do?"
The other says, I know fire three shots in the air and someone may come to find us.
He fires off three shots, and they wait two hours. No sign of help.
What shall we do? Fire off three more shots. So he does. Three hours later there is no response and it is getting dark. The one says "Shall we try again?"
The other says, "I guess not... I only have two arrows left...
Thanks to: Russell Edwards - Colorado Springs - Colorado - USA.
rec.:Dec/16/2011    pub.:Mar/28/2013

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