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"You have been in Rome?"
"Did you visit The Coliseum.”
"and ?"
"It will be splendid when it is finished"

Thanks to: grotenbees - Zottegem - Oost-vlaanderen - Belgium
rec.:Aug/25/2006    pub.:Oct/16/2006    sent:Jan/27/2007

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Dave and Tom are fishing on a lake. After about an hour when neither of them had a bite, Dave decided to row to the middle part of the lake; where they were very successful TOM: This is a great spot for fishing Dave we'll have to mark this spot so we can come back here tomorrow.
DAVE: I know, we'll put an X on the side of the boat to mark the spot.
TOM: Don't be silly Dave that's no good we might have a different boat tomorrow.
Thanks to: martyn lewis - United Kingdom
rec.:Dec/5/2002    pub.:Apr/16/2003

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Three drunkards were walking down the street when they came upon a pile of manure where they stopped. The first drunkard, upon observation of the manure said to the other two, "Looks like it...” the second, bending over it and sniffing, said to the other two, "smells like it..." the third, sticking his finger in it, said, "feels like it". "Good thing we didn't step in it", they all agreed as they turned and walked away.
Thanks to: TEENA L. WALLIN - Berkeley - California - USA.
rec.:Jul/7/2005    pub.:Jul/18/2005    sent:Sep/11/2005

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Why did the idiot throw the clock out of the window? Because he wanted to see time fly!
Thanks to: ryan - Philippines
rec.:Apr/19/2004    pub.:Apr/26/2004    sent:Aug/26/2005

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