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Q: What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

Thanks to: aye - USA.
rec.:May/20/2008    pub.:Jun/3/2008    sent:Aug/29/2012

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Q: What is the height of stupidity?
A: 2 men sitting on a motorcycle & fighting for a window seat

Thanks to: abhijit vaidya - pune - maharashtra - India
rec.:Jul/31/2005    pub.:Aug/9/2005    sent:Jan/4/2013

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There were 3 men who were working on a bridge. One of the worker's name was John, the other one's name was Randall, and the last one's name was Joe. So one day when the 3 men were taking a lunch break, they all opened up their lunch box and saw what their wives had gave them for lunch. When John opened his lunch, he saw that he had peanut butter and jelly, so then he said, "If my wife gives me the same lunch tomorrow, I'm going to jump off this bridge. Then Randall opened his lunch and saw that he had spaghetti and meatballs. So then he also said the same thing as what John said. Then when Joe opened his lunch he saw that he was having a chicken salad. So then he said that he too was going to jump off the bridge if he got the same lunch the next day. So the next day, all 3 men had the same lunch from yesterday and they all jumped off. A week later when the funeral was scheduled, John's wife said, "If my sweetie- pie told me he wanted a new lunch, he should have told me!” then Randalls wife said "Why did he do it? Why??” then Joe's wife said, "Why did he jump off the bridge? He packed his own lunch!"
Thanks to: Irfaan M - New York City - New York - USA.
rec.:Nov/3/2001    pub.:Dec/28/2001    sent:Sep/22/2012

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A father and son went deep-sea fishing. Out at sea, the father sees his son drilling a hole in the boat, when asked what he was doing, the son replied, "there's water coming into the boat, so I made a another hole for it to escape."
Thanks to: annoynomous - Singapore
rec.:Dec/14/2003    pub.:Jan/19/2004    sent:Aug/27/2012

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