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" Dad who built the Suez Canal"
" I don't know son"
" Dad who discovered penicillin "
" I've no idea son"
" Dad what's the capital of Italy "
" I ain't got a clue son"
"Dad you don't mind me asking all these questions do you"
"No son, if you don't ask you won't learn anything "
Thanks to: Ivan - United Kingdom
rec.:Apr/2/2015    pub.:Apr/29/2015    sent:Sep/4/2015

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Little Jonny was assigned a job for the choir on Christmas his job was when the choir sang ‘and the Angel lit the candle’ he was to come out and light the candle. So before the service on Christmas Eve they had a practice. So the choir got to the part and sang ‘and the Angel lit the candle’ and there was no Jonny so they sang it a bit louder thinking he didn't hear them and still no Jonny so they sang it even louder and finally Jonny came out and sang; And the cat peed on the matches!

Thanks to: Paul Nitardy - Fort Atkinson - Wisconsin - USA.
rec.:Dec/22/2012    pub.:Jun/21/2013    sent:Aug/14/2013

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