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A man walks out of a bar totally hammered, only to be greeted by a snobby woman.
She takes one look at him. “You, sir, are drunk!"
"And you ma'am, are ugly. But when I wake up, I will be sober!"
Thanks to: Taylor Marie Livingston - Victorville - CA - USA.
rec.:Sep/25/2007    pub.:Oct/26/2007    sent:Dec/25/2008

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Q: Why was Adam the happiest man ever lived?
A: Because he was the only man without a mother-in-law.
Thanks to: jose - LA - Ca - United States Minor Outlying Islands
rec.:Dec/4/2003    pub.:Jan/14/2004    sent:Jan/26/2004

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Q: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper??
A: Don't know. It’s never been done!!!!
Thanks to: Karen
rec.:Jun/21/1998    pub.:Jun/21/1998    sent:Jun/21/1998

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For his entire working life, a dedicated and hardworking Astrophysicist tried in all earnest to find the existence of other being somewhere in the universe. After 58 years of constant effort, he finally receives a response from a planet 30 billion light years away.

“What is your planet like?” groaned the extraterrestrial from the other side of the Galaxy.

“It is 12,756 Kilometers in diameter, is 93,000,000 miles from the nearest star, our sun, has an average temperature of 72 degrees F. We breathe oxygen, live about 75 years, and have both men and women” answered the Physicist.

“Do the you get along with the women on your planet?” the extraterrestrial asked slowly.

Puzzled by the question, but not wanting to insult the female Physicists near by, he answered “Why yes. We get along quite well here.”

The extraterrestrial perked up “Can we send you ours?”
Thanks to: George Anthony - Stow - Ohio - USA.
rec.:Oct/11/2006    pub.:Oct/25/2006    sent:Aug/12/2014

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