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Q: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper??
A: Don't know. It’s never been done!!!!
Thanks to: Karen
rec.:Jun/21/1998    pub.:Jun/21/1998    sent:Jun/21/1998

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Q: Why was Adam the happiest man ever lived?
A: Because he was the only man without a mother-in-law.
Thanks to: jose - LA - Ca - United States Minor Outlying Islands
rec.:Dec/4/2003    pub.:Jan/14/2004    sent:Jan/26/2004

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A man walks out of a bar totally hammered, only to be greeted by a snobby woman.
She takes one look at him. “You, sir, are drunk!"
"And you ma'am, are ugly. But when I wake up, I will be sober!"
Thanks to: Taylor Marie Livingston - Victorville - CA - USA.
rec.:Sep/25/2007    pub.:Oct/26/2007    sent:Dec/25/2008

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Mrs. Smith’s elderly husband doesn't feel well so she takes him to the dr. Mr. Smith leaves her in the waiting room for a while. Finally the Dr. comes and says, "Mrs. Smith I’m sorry to tell you that your husband is going to die." Mrs. Smith says, "Dr. is there anything I can do?" the Dr. told her "well there is a couple of things you could do: First you could cook him a wonderful dinner every night. Second you could give him a nice back rub every night. Third you could make love to him like you never have before every night." Mrs. Smith says ok. A little while later Mr. Smith comes out and asks Mrs. Smith "what did the Dr. say?" Mrs. Smith says, "I’m sorry honey but you are going to die."
rec.:Aug/16/2002    pub.:Nov/12/2002    sent:Oct/14/2010

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