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Said the officer to the soldier, "Private, why did you salute that refrigerator?"
The soldier replied, "Because it was General Electric."
"And that jeep?" the officer asked.
Replied the soldier, "Because it was General Motors."
Thanks to: Oritz-Tio Family - Geneva - Switzerland
rec.:Aug/1/1999    pub.:Aug/1/1999    sent:Aug/1/1999

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US Ship: - (at night)"Move out of my way"
Canadian ship: -"No. We cant"
US ship: - "Ours is an important big ship with attacking equipments"
Canadian ship: -"We are a light house on a small island. We cannot move"
Thanks to: Nayela Sameen - Mysore - karnataka - India
rec.:Jun/11/2005    pub.:Jun/21/2005    sent:Oct/14/2005

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A Navy Officer was trying to make a phone call, but had no change, three Marines were approaching and the Officer asked one of them, "excuse me private do you have change for a dollar?" the private replied, "yes I do", the Navy officer said, "don't you mean no sir, now let's try this again" so the Navy Officer, asked again " private do you have change for a dollar?” The private replied, "no sir"
Thanks to: Edward Campos - Rota - Spain
rec.:Sep/4/2003    pub.:Sep/18/2003    sent:Nov/2/2003

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There was an inn keeper who urgently needed to expand his parking lot due to his business's growing needs.  However, the lot next to his, which he had purchased, was covered with tree saplings and the city had an ordinance against bulldozing trees.  The inn keeper was a powerful man on the city council and was friends with all of its members.  He brought up an amendment to the council to allow him to bulldoze the saplings so he could pave it for his new lot.  Was he successful?

No, the   "infant tree's"   always beat the   "Inn's urgency".
Thanks to: Kent Siems - Uzbekistan
rec.:Aug/25/2006    pub.:Oct/25/2006    sent:Jul/9/2007

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