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An independent voter was exploring the candidates and their parties.
He asked a campaigner of a party, "who represents your candidate?"
The campaigner answered, "Donkey".
The voter asked a campaigner of another party the same question.
The campaigner answered, "Elephant".
The voter then asked his wife, "who should I vote for - Donkey or Elephant?"
The wife suggested, "either one; both are same - animals."
Thanks to: Voter - USA.
rec.:Aug/15/2012    pub.:May/28/2013    sent:Jun/7/2013

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Q: How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Two. One to change it, and another one to change it back again.
A: Four, one to change it and the other three to deny it.
Thanks to: Mark Oberholz - Chicago - USA.
rec.:Aug/2/2000    pub.:Aug/2/2000    sent:Aug/2/2000

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George Washington probably did not chop down his father's cherry tree. George Washington probably did not admit it by saying, “I cannot tell a lie!" But people often repeat this story because it shows Washington's honesty. One day, Little Suzy once asked her mother, "Mom, do people who never tell lies go to heaven?" "Yes", her mother answered, "they are the only ones." "Gosh, I bet it gets lonesome up there with just God and George Washington!” replied Little Suzy.
Thanks to: Anonymous - Des Moines - Iowa - USA.
rec.:Apr/19/2003    pub.:May/27/2003

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Every few days Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama accuse and criticize what the other has said or meant. They are beginning to sound like they are married to each other.
Thanks to: Shahid Jamil - Canada
rec.:Apr/18/2008    pub.:May/8/2008    sent:Mar/24/2009

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