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Two convicts were sitting on their cot in a jail cell. One says to the other, "I hear you’re getting out in a few days. Tell me something are you going straight, or are you going back into politics?"
Thanks to: John Bossoni - USA.
rec.:Apr/2/2009    pub.:Apr/7/2009    sent:Apr/28/2009

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If pro is the opposite of con, what's the opposite of progress?
Thanks to: Johnny Doe - USA.
rec.:Nov/8/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013

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Fidel Castro dies and goes up to heaven. He's standing at Heavens gate and St. Peter tells him it was because of what he did to his people, so he will be going to hell. When Fidel gets to hell he tells Satan he left his bags in heaven and needs to go get them. Satan says
"I'll get two of my demons to get them for you." The demons are in Heaven and they both are wondering where his bags are. One of the demons looks over the gates and they both start climbing the gates and an angel sees them and says " Great he's already sending refugees over."
Thanks to: js29073 - Lexington - South Carolina
rec.:Mar/13/2001    pub.:Mar/13/2001    sent:Mar/13/2001

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What did the young Arnold Schwarzenegger state, when attending music school in Austria, after turning down the chance to become another Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin? What did he say?

"I'll be Bach."
Thanks to: Karen Peralta - Duvall - WA - USA.
rec.:Dec/5/2005    pub.:Jan/6/2006    sent:Dec/4/2006

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