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"Well, I finaly retired my old car", said the old man. His pal ask, "Did you junk it or trade it in?" "Naw nothing like that, I put four new Michelins on it."
Thanks to: Ray Howard - USA.
rec.:Jan/30/2012    pub.:Mar/28/2013    sent:Oct/6/2013

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You need two American coins to add up to .30 cents. One of them is not a nickel.
Q: What are the coins?
A: One of them is not a nickel, the other one is, a nickel and a quarter.
Thanks to: anonumus - USA.
rec.:Nov/9/2004    pub.:Nov/17/2004    sent:Dec/1/2004

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Two men out fishing for carp. One fellow stands up and as he does, his wallet falls out of his pocket and slowly sinks in the lake. As he tries to retrieve it, two huge carp show up and start fighting over possession of the wallet. The fellow turns to his comrade and states "First time I've seen carp to carp walleting!"
Thanks to: Freddie.Pitz - Canada
rec.:Apr/8/2007    pub.:Apr/16/2007    sent:Jul/4/2007

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There was this old eccentric man who constantly chased children off his property, never said hello to anyone he met and because of his negative character, was described as "A man of means!”
Thanks to: Freddie Pitz - Nepean - Ontario - Canada
rec.:Sep/13/2013    pub.:Nov/5/2013    sent:Jul/1/2014

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