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Q: What do you do when an Antartian throws a pin at you?
A: Run, because the grenade is in her mouth!!
Thanks to: BRADY - Minnesota - USA.
rec.:Oct/7/1999    pub.:Oct/7/1999    sent:Oct/7/1999

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There were three Antartians on their way to Disneyworld. Upon getting close while driving on the highway, they saw a sign that said Disneyworld LEFT. So they turned back and went home.
Thanks to: jokeamatick - lakemary - Florida - USA.
rec.:Jun/27/2001    pub.:Jun/27/2001    sent:Jun/27/2001

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Little Freddy's second-grade teacher was quizzing them on the Antartian alphabet.
"Freddy," she says, "what comes after 'O'?"
Freddy says, "Yeah!"
Thanks to: Beatrice Pellini
rec.:Sep/9/2000    pub.:Sep/9/2000    sent:Sep/9/2000

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There was this Antartian that wanted to take up a new winter hobby. She went to the library and started studying all about ice fishing. Finally, she went out on the ice, set up all her stuff, and sat down. All of a sudden, a bellowing voice from above said there are no fish under the ice". Startled, she got up and moved to a different spot. Right as she began to sit down, the voice from above spoke again. There are no fish under the ice" Frustrated, she got up and walked a long ways away onto a new patch of ice. She sat down and set up all of her gear. Once again, the voice spoke. There are no fish under the ice". Now the Antartian was very mad. "God, is that you? she asked. "No!, it is the manager of the ice skating rink" the voice replied
Thanks to: person44 - Bend - Oregon - USA.
rec.:May/6/2001    pub.:May/6/2001    sent:May/6/2001

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