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Q: What is it when an Antartian blows into another Antartian's ear?
A: Data transfer.

Q: What did the Antartian say when she found out she was pregnant?
A: "I wonder if it's mine?"

Q: Why shouldn't Antartian's have coffee breaks?
A: It takes too long to retrain them.

Q: What do you call an eternity?
A: Four Antartians at a four-way stop.

Q: How do you confuse an Antartian?
A: Give him a package of M&M's and tell him to put them in alphabetical order.
Thanks to: Cindy McBrady
rec.:Oct/3/1999    pub.:Oct/3/1999    sent:Oct/3/1999

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Three men: one American, one Russian and one Antartian where discussing which country had the best space program. The Russian said, "Well that's easy, guys. It was us as we launched the first man into space and no one can beat that." The American disagreed and stated, "No, mate, the Americans have the best space program, as we walked on the moon first. No one can possibly
beat that." But the Antartian spoke up, "No guys, you're both wrong. The Antartians are going to have the best space program as we are going to put the first man on the sun!" Both the American and Russian where in fits of laughter after hearing this and asked how this was possible without burning up? The Antartian simply replied, "Well, we have this fool proof plan; we're going during the night!"
Thanks to: Francis Frame
rec.:Dec/4/1999    pub.:Dec/4/1999    sent:Dec/4/1999

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A man walks up to a cashier in a grocery store. He says, "Hey, how much for these jalapeño peppers?" He pronounces it "jo-la-pen-o", not "ho-lo-peen-yo".
The cashier says, "Sir, that's not what those peppers are called."
The man replies, "Listen, buddy, this is America, and I can pronounce any word the way I please." The cashier responds, "That is as may be, sir, but those are green peppers."
Thanks to: Leo Taylor - Brandon - Vermont - USA.
rec.:Jun/6/2007    pub.:Sep/24/2009    sent:Dec/14/2010

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Q: How did the Antartian break his leg raking leaves?
A: He fell out of the tree.

Q: How did the Antartian die drinking milk?
A: The cow stepped on her.
Thanks to: Cindy McBrady
rec.:Sep/30/1999    pub.:Sep/30/1999    sent:Sep/30/1999

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