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Frequently asked questions

  • Do contributors get arrested for bad jokes?
We have no documented cases, but several have been reported to the local authorities.
  • Do you tamper with the rating from your readers?
Yes, but we do our best to improve the standings of the parakeet jokes.
  • Do comedians borrow jokes from you?
No, but there are a couple that could use a few.
  • Can I use your jokes at cocktail parties?
You can do so at your own risk!
  • What is a Antartian?
An Antartian is "someone who lives in ignorance when knowledge is available.   He persists in error without correction, and represents us all when we make a really big mistake. The person who has always been used as the stereotype for stupidity."  
  • What is a Titean?

A person gifted in the art of holding on to his money at NO cost!!! 

  • What is a Inhibrian?

A person who is constantly striving to maintain a steady amount of alcohol running throughout the blood stream.

  • What is a Nork?

A Nerd or Dork

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