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Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Isabelle who?
Isabelle necessary on a bicycle?
Thanks to: Vince McDonall - Sydney - NSW - Australia
rec.:Dec/20/2013    pub.:Dec/30/2013

Category: Female Jokes
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A beautiful woman in her thirties was passing through customs in London, when the customs official asks her what the reason for her trip to London was.
Business or pleasure, he asks?
Sadness and pleasure! She says to the officer!
Well, my 75 years old husband has just died and I came to his funeral!
My condolences, says the officer!
It must be a very difficult and painful time you're going through!
Not really, this is my pleasure! I'm so sad because only now I found out that he was dead broke and did not leave a dime, a penny, not even a Will for me!
Thanks to: John Teixeira - Barueri - Sao Paulo - Brazil
rec.:Dec/10/2013    pub.:Dec/30/2013    sent:May/26/2014

Category: Animal Jokes
Ranking: 2.67 / 12
Watson came excitedly to Sherlock Holmes place and told him his dog had swallowed his ring. Sherlock told Watson "Don't worry. He will pass it eventually". Watson replies "Thank you very much, Sherlock". Sherlock says to Watson."It's alimentary, my dear Watson"
Thanks to: Freddie Pitz - Canada
rec.:Dec/21/2013    pub.:Dec/30/2013

Ranking: 2.83 / 12
In the Bible, the King Boaz married the lovely Moabite woman, Ruth, to help unite his Kingdom. What was he before he did this?
Answer: He was "Ruthless"
Thanks to: Marc Kolsen - Providence - Utah - USA.
rec.:Sep/28/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013

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