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I was visiting a friend who could not find her cordless phone. After several minutes of searching, her young daughter spoke up.

“You know what they should invent? A phone that stays connected to its base so it never gets lost.”

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I should have known better than to take my four-year-old son shopping with me. I spent the entire time in the mall chasing after him. Finally, I’d had it.

"Do you want a stranger to take you?!" I scolded.

Thrilled, he yelled back, "That depends, will HE take me to the zoo?"

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A boy with a pea shooter, ran out of ammunition, and discovering a box of laxative pills, tried one in his blow gun. To his great joy, it fit.

There was a boarding house near by, and every Wednesday noon a big pan of custard was placed upon the window sill to cool. From his vantage point in the window of another house, the boy shot all the pills into the custard.

The boy soon found out that he was an expert marksman and the custom of custard on Wednesday quickly passed into history at the boarding house.

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Five-year-old Matt, worked with a speech therapist on the 'ch' sound, which came out sounding like a 'k' sound. The therapist asked him to say chicken. His response sounded more like kitchen.

They tried again and again, but it always came out kitchen. Undeterred, she pushed him for one more try.

Matt sighed and said, “Why don’t we just call it a duck?”

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