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Q: What sound does a piano make when you drop it down a mine shaft?
A: A flat miner!

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A CEO would always schedule weekly meetings at 4:30 PM every Friday. The co-workers always complained about it until one finally got courage to ask his boss, “Why do you put the meetings at Friday 4:30?”
“Because it’s the only time you guys don’t argue with me.”

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Competitive Salary-Paying you less than our competitions.
Join our Fast Paced Team-We expect you to know everything so we don’t train you.
Casual Work Atmosphere-We don’t pay you enough to dress you up
Must be Deadline Oriented-You are 6 months behind on your first day.
Duties Will Vary-Anyone in the Office can boss you around
Must have an eye for detail-We have no quality control

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Prison-8’x10’ Cell

Work-6’x8’ Cubicle

Prison-3 meals a day

Work-1 meal and you have to pay for that one

Prison-Guards Unlock and Lock the doors for you

Work-You have to do it yourself

Prison-Friends and Family can visit you

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