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What do you call words that upset rabbits?

They're called 'Hare Triggers.'

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What did the ghost say when the police arrested him for joy riding a small motorcycle?

“And to think, I always said I’d never get caught dead riding a moped.”

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When Fred went to his barber he expressed concern about going bald.

Fred: “Now that I’m getting older I’m worried about my hair falling out.”

Barber: “Men’s hair doesn’t ever fall out.”

Fred: “I’ve seen many balding older men.”

Barber: “When men get older their hair follicles get weak making the hair fall back inside their head.”

Fred: “That’s preposterous, do you have any proof?”

Barber: “Now that you’re older and thinning have noticed excess hair coming out your ears?”

Fred: “Yes, actually I have noticed that?”

Barber: “I rest my case.”

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Teacher: “Can anyone give me an example of a paradigm shift?”

Little Johnny: “It’s when you change a pair of dimes into four nickels.”

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