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Restaurant Server: Would you like a table near the window, or near the salad bar, or near the dance floor?

Man: It doesn't matter... as long as it's near a waiter!

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Mother: Stop that water fighting!

Son: She started it!

Daughter: I did not!

Mother: There’s only one way to settle this... divide the pool in half and each of you stay in your half.

Son: That’s okay with me... I’ll take the top half!

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Son: Dad... can I have $450 to buy a moped?

Dad: Son, listen to me very carefully. Due to the escalation of my personal monetary obligations brought on by spiraling inflation and the ever-fluctuating ramifications of the Petro-dollar, it behooves me to rule in the extreme negative when responding to my male issue.

Son: Huh?!? I don’t get it!

Dad: Exactly.

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