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Category: Gender Slam
Ranking: 2.44 / 314
Q: What do you call a man who just lost his brain?
A: Divorced.
Thanks to: Kinnies - USA.
rec.:Dec/21/2004    pub.:Dec/27/2004    sent:Jan/25/2015

Ranking: 2.91 / 136
A wise man once said ...... go ask a woman
Thanks to: un-known - Australia
rec.:Feb/12/2007    pub.:Mar/21/2007    sent:Jan/24/2015

Category: Kid Jokes
Ranking: 2.88 / 145
A little boy came home with his parents from church one Sunday. He seemed a little depressed, so his mother asked him if something happened in Sunday school class that he would like to talk about. He told his mother "Well, we were singing songs and the teacher made us sing about a poor bear named Gladly that needed glasses and I can't stop thinking about him. She said he was cross-eyed and I feel bad for him.
The mother couldn't understand why the teacher would teach such a song in Sunday school, so she decided to call her. To the woman’s amazement, the teacher said she only taught hymns that morning. Then the teacher began laughing out loud and said to the mother, “I know what Jeffrey’s' talking about! We learned the hymn 'Gladly The Cross I'd Bear'".
Thanks to: Fielding Collins - Asheville - North Carolina - USA.
rec.:Feb/11/2005    pub.:Apr/1/2005    sent:Jan/23/2015

Category: Idiots Jokes
Ranking: 2.71 / 198
Two cowboy ranchers in Texas, they each had their own horse, but they could never tell them apart. So the first cowboy said, "I've got it!" The second cowboy said "What?" "I'll shave the main on my horse." Let's do it!” So the cowboy shaves the main on his horse. But after a while the main grew back. The cowboys are having a really hard time telling them apart. Then the one cowboy said, "I've got it! "What? What? What’s your idea now? says the other" "I'll cut the tail on my horse really small." "Alright! Let's do it!" So he cut the tail really short. But after a while it grew back. "Then the second cowboy said, "OK, this time I've got it!" You take the black one and I'll take white one!!!!"
Thanks to: Jacob - Monticello - IN - USA.
rec.:Jan/5/2002    pub.:Jan/20/2002    sent:Jan/22/2015

Category: Marriage Jokes
Ranking: 2.95 / 43
Carlos told his wife he wanted a guitar to play while sitting in the Jacuzzi. “The next day she bought him an electric guitar.”
Thanks to: Carlos Andrews - Algeria
rec.:Jun/5/2013    pub.:Jul/10/2013    sent:Jan/21/2015

Category: Police Jokes
Ranking: 1.37 / 30
Some years ago a local jewelry store donated a set of four time zone clocks to my hometown Police Department in Maywood, NJ.
The first week all four clocks ran fine. On Monday the weekly test of the building generator was conducted.. The eastern, central and western clocks ran perfectly. While the mountain zone clock ran backwards.
The problem continued. Needless to say, "the time" was always in question.
Thanks to: Harry Kuhles - The Woodlands, - TX - USA.
rec.:Oct/16/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Jan/20/2015

Category: Computer Jokes
Ranking: 1.43 / 42
Q: Why did the computer lose its trust relationship with the domain?
A: Because it was corrupted in active directory and needed to be removed and re-added again!!!!
Thanks to: Kieran Davenport - United Kingdom
rec.:Nov/25/2013    pub.:Nov/29/2013    sent:Jan/19/2015


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