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EMERgency 24 has earned a distinguished rank in the security industry by providing alarm monitoring services to protect tens of thousands of subscribers and their properties and possessions nationwide. In independent surveys on alarm monitoring companies conducted by a leading security industry trade publication, EMERgency 24 is consistently rated as the "most preferred" monitoring company by more security professionals.

Established in 1966 and incorporated in 1967, EMERgency 24 evolved to become the first alarm monitoring company catering exclusively to alarm installation dealers in 1972. More than 1500 security dealers continue to build their businesses by entrusting their subscribers' monitoring to EMERgency 24, and 100 of them have been with us a decade or longer. EMERgency 24 has been selected to monitor many federal government installations and branches of the U.S. Military.

We monitor alarm systems in all 50 states, because distance is not a factor when communicating via fiber-optic networks. In time values, we're as close as your next-door neighbor. Now, as our technology continues to transform the industry, we offer unique security services that extend beyond the boundaries of your home and business.

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, our record of firsts speaks for itself….

  • In 1976, we became the first computerized central station in the security industry.

  • We were the first central station to bring full redundancy to the industry by initiating a second independent computer.

  • We were the first independent central station to establish a second fully automated branch, and the first to create a Supernet of protection by linking these branches.

  • We were the first to develop an array of special services based on automatic number identification.

  • We developed the first completely interactive software program, the Chicago Connection, to deliver full subscriber account data and history to our dealers' personal computers.

  • We are the first central station to offer a selection of services via the Internet.

Alarm dealers choose EMERgency 24 because of our reputation, but stay with us because of the fast reliable service we deliver. From our trained monitors to our large technical and software staff, to our research and development project teams, you can depend on EMERgency 24 to be on the cutting edge of technology today and into the future.

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