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A hesitant driver, waiting for a traffic jam to clear, came to a
complete stop on the freeway ramp. The traffic thinned, but the driver
still waited.
Finally a furious voice from the vehicle behind him cried, "The sign
says 'Yield', not "give up!"
Thanks to: Donna Allen - Latonia - Ky - USA.
rec.:Mar/28/2008    pub.:May/8/2008    sent:Aug/30/2009

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In today's news...32 more planets were found outside of our solar system bringing the total to 400. And..., not a sign of intelligent life, not even here.
Thanks to: Mr. Balloon - Las Vegas - NV - USA.
rec.:Oct/19/2009    pub.:Oct/23/2009    sent:Jan/3/2010

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In the far distant future in the year 4527, a number of scientists from all over the universe were having a convention on a far distant galaxy. Two beings were seated next to one another when they struck up a conversation.
"Where are you from?" the one asked.
"I'm from Alpha Century," he answered. "Where are you from?"
"I'm from Earth" was the answer.
"I know someone from earth," the Alpha Centurion said. "John Smith. Do you know him?"
Thanks to: Harry Kuhles - Montgomery - TX - USA.
rec.:Dec/21/2007    pub.:Dec/29/2007    sent:Sep/3/2009

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What did the moon say to the sun?
So big and cant come out at night!
Thanks to: Junior - Salinas - CA - USA.
rec.:Nov/5/2003    pub.:Dec/10/2003    sent:May/5/2004

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