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A man who's wife was pregnant couldn't bear to be in the delivery room at the time of the birth.
So he thought he'd ring up later to see if it had come yet.
He rang up and the nurse said "it's a girl but theres another one on the way"
he rang again later and the nurse said "it's another girl but there's another coming"
he rang once more and the nurse said " it's a boy but there's another coming"
He couldn't stand it any more so he went to the pub and got drunk.
An hour later he was really nervous. He was dialling the hospital, hands shaking, and accidently dialled the sports line. he asked " how many did we get mate" the person said "198 all out.... and the last one was a duck"
Thanks to: Jake Spruhan - Melbourne - Victoria - Australia
rec.:Aug/24/2001    pub.:Aug/29/2001    sent:Mar/20/2013

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There was a little baby boy and a little baby girl. Then the baby boy goes "I'm a boy, you are a girl!" Then the girl goes "How do you know?" Then the little boy goes "I'll show you when the nurse leaves." So about 10 minutes later, the nurse leaves. So the boy lifts up his gown and goes........."See I have Blue Booties, and you have Pink!
Thanks to: Maria Nosbush - Fairfaz - Minnesota - USA.
rec.:Jan/7/2004    pub.:Jan/19/2004    sent:Feb/6/2004

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After the baby was baptized, her four-year-old brother was crying inconsolably in the back seat of the car. "What's the matter Johnny?" asked his concerned mother. Johnny replied: "that man said that he hoped our baby would be raised in a good Christian home...I just want her to stay with you guys."
Thanks to: Neil Paul - Caledonia - Ontario - Canada
rec.:Feb/27/2002    pub.:Mar/10/2002

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Did you hear about the baby that was born in a high tech. hospital?
It came out cordless!
Thanks to: L. Lee - USA.
rec.:Mar/12/2015    pub.:Apr/29/2015    sent:Jul/28/2015

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