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A guy to a friend: “After three sets golf clubs and ten years of lessons, I am finally getting some fun out of golf. I quit.”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:Feb/20/2006    pub.:Feb/20/2006    sent:Jul/20/2007

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He asked for a putter, then drove three hundred yards onto the green. Then he asked for a driver and drove the ball to within two feet of the cup. Then he asked for a niblick and got the ball into the cup. “Now I’m in trouble,” he told the caddie.
“I don’t know what club to use to get it out.”
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rec.:Dec/4/2009    pub.:Dec/4/2009    sent:Nov/2/2011

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After hitting his 7th ball into the water on the 4th hole, a father turns to his son and says, "It takes a lot of ball to play golf the way I do."
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rec.:Dec/31/2006    pub.:Feb/5/2007    sent:Mar/11/2007

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Q. What game encourages drinking and driving?
A. Golf
Thanks to: Jon Dorsey - Las Vegas - NV - USA.
rec.:May/23/2013    pub.:Jul/1/2013    sent:Jan/18/2015

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