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Teacher: Today is the first day of the school, any questions?
John: Yes, when will the Holidays start?
Thanks to: ulfeeee - bombay - India
rec.:Sep/14/2003    pub.:Sep/18/2003    sent:Dec/4/2003

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I pride myself on being patient when teaching driver education, something I have done for 30 years. I have encountered many, many students, who didn't seem to be able to hit the floor with their hat. But one incident was just too much.

I had a sweet young thing behind the wheel for the first lesson of the semester. She had volunteered to go first and seemed ready to show the other two kids how well she could drive. We left the rural school and started toward town.

As we approached the first stop sign, the young lady gave no sign that she saw it. We got closer, but she still did not slow down. Finally, I used the "teacher's brake" pedal, on my side of the car, to get us stopped.

When I asked her why she didn't slow down to stop for the stop sign, she replied, "but, Mr. Smith, the speed limit is 35 ALL the way to the stop sign!"
Thanks to: Steve Smith - USA.
rec.:Jan/7/2005    pub.:Jan/13/2005    sent:Mar/4/2006

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It was the firs day of school, and the first grade teacher decided to see how much her students knew about math.
“Steven, can you tell me what is 3 and 2?” Steven said, “That’s when you should watch very, very carefully before you swing at the next pitch.”
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rec.:Sep/1/2010    pub.:Sep/1/2010    sent:Mar/19/2012

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An eighth grade teacher was leading a discussion on the qualifications for being president of the United States. After the teacher commented that a person must be a natural-born citizen, one of the students raised her hand. “Does that mean that if you were born by Caesarean section that you can’t be president?”
Thanks to: Anonymous - USA.
rec.:May/10/2006    pub.:May/10/2006    sent:Jul/10/2006

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