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Teacher: "Hello, students! Can anyone tell me, what does the green dot on a 'Tiger Biscuit Packet' indicate?

After a few seconds of silence, one student replies.

"Hello, ma'am. The green dot means that the Tiger is 'Online'."

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Teacher: "What is an OS? And give me an example."

Student: "An OS is a word which can be used instead of saying 'Oh Yes'. For example, do you like ice cream? You can reply, ‘Oh, yes' or 'OS.'

Teacher: "You may sit down now."

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My 4th grade teacher used to complain to my mom about my poor hand writing. I tried hard for years, only in vain, to continuously get the feed back, "Try to improve your handwriting!"

I am 25 now, working as a software professional for a company. I mailed her last week for thanking her for making me what I am now.

She replied with a post script... "Please improve your handwriting!"

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School teacher sends home a note with student. The note reads, ”Your son is an obedient and bright student, but spends too much time talking to girls.”

Mother sends a note back the following day, ”Please advise a solution. Father has the same problem."

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