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At a gas station, my husband, Jason watched an older lady fill up her car. As he was wondering whether or not someone her age should still be driving, she pulled up to him, rolled down the window and said, "Excuse me, sir...

My husband walked over, "How can I help you?"

"What year is it?" she asked.

Feeling sorry for her, he replied, kindly, "It's 2022, ma'am."

The lady looked at him strangely and said, "No, your car. What year is your car?"

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My new AARP membership arrived in today’s mail as a scratch & sniff card.

I scratch my head over saving a buck on a hotel room and sniff back the tears of joining the blue-haired 4:45 dinner special.

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You know you are getting old when your boss hires a new employee...

And you find out that you used to hang around with their grandpa when you were growing up.

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An elderly couple decided they just spent too much time and energy complaining about all their aches and pains.

“Let’s agree to not say a word about our ailments,” suggested the wife. “We’ll talk about something else or say nothing at all.”

“Great idea!” replied the husband.

Two months later, they got a message from Alexa. “Alexa is wondering if you are both OK. For the past two months we have picked up no verbal communication in your household.”

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