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Picked up a hitchhiker the other night and he asked me, "How did you know I was not a serial killer?"

I replied, "The chances of two serial killers in the same car are astronomical."

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Judge: "Why did you steal from the same shop twice?"

Thief: "Because the shop had a board that said, 'Thank you, come again!'"

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Judge to the thief: “Since there is no witness to your stealing, I am releasing you. Otherwise you would have got at least 6 months.”

Thief: "Your honor, kindly punish me for at least a week in jail. I have to collect money from a few inmates who borrowed money from me last time."

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A Judge sentences the same repeat offender to prison for life this time, because of a white collar crime that he was found guilty of by a jury. The man is greeted by the same Corrections Officer that he first met twenty years ago.

Guard: "Well, look who's back again! You just can't stay out of trouble, now can you?"

Inmate: "You need to be more appreciative and thankful for my return."

Guard: "Really now! And why is that?"

Inmate: "Because without people like me in this world, you'd be out of a job!"

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