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My friend: "I work at Google!"

Me: "That's great, I google at work."

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posted by "RS" |
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Mortuary Ad

10 votes

I saw this ad for burial plots... I thought to myself, "That is the last thing I need!"

Category Puns
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posted 6 days ago


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8 votes

There was an explosion at a french cheese factory last night... All that’s left is de Brie...

Category Food Jokes
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posted 22 days ago


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Parallel Parkin...

7 votes

My daughter came home so excited... She had to parallel park at work and received the following note of praise: PARKING FINE.

Category Family Jokes
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posted 5 days ago


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Morning & After...

8 votes

Teacher: "Class, we'll have only half a day of school today morning." Students: "Yaaayyy!" Teacher: "We'll have the other half this afternoon."

Category School Jokes
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posted 2 days ago

Bhanu Sandesh

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Getting Older

6 votes

As I get older I realized.... I talk to myself, because there are times I need expert advice.

Category Elderly Jokes
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posted 10 days ago


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Feeling like ra...

5 votes

Patient: Doctor, Doctor! I feel like a racehorse. Doctor: Take one of these pills every 4 laps.

Category Doctor Jokes
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posted 9 days ago


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