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The fellow stormed into the postmaster's office in a fury. "I've been getting threatening letters in the mail for months and I want them stopped."

"Of course," said the postmaster. "Sending threatening letters through the mail is a federal offense. Do you know who's sending them?"

"Yes," shouted the man. "It's those idiots down at the Internal Revenue Service."

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Sometimes I talk to myself when I'm alone and it's kinda sad.

Me too.

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I was just on the phone with a company that said I won my choice of either $500 or tickets to see an Elvis Presley tribute band...

I had to press 1 for the money or 2 for the show!

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After listening to his child's endless knock-knock jokes, while trying to read the paper, Dad finally had enough.

Child: Knock knock...

Dad: Come on in, it's open!

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