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Forgive me father, pastor, vicar, padre, priest...

Forgive me, for I have synonymed.

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Jack: How’s it going?

Beans: Pretty good.

Jack and the Beans talk.

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Upon arrival at the Pearly Gates, you are allowed one wish for anyone you left behind, back on earth.

St. Peter explained this to a woman who had just recently arrived, and asked what her one wish would be.

"Well, I just wish my son would get married and be happy."

"Look lady, it's just one wish; make up your mind!"

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A lady came to the hospital to visit a friend. She had not been in a hospital for several years and felt uneasy, not knowing about all the new technology.

A technician followed her onto the elevator, wheeling a large, intimidating looking machine with tubes and wires and dials.

"Boy, would I hate to be hooked up to that thing," she said.

"So would I," replied the technician. "It's a floor-cleaning machine."

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