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After doing laundry, I was putting my clean socks in the top dresser drawer when suddenly the bottom drawer sprang open and smacked me in the shins.

I bent over to close the bottom drawer and the top drawer sprang open and clipped me on the forehead. No sooner did I stand up and close the top drawer when the bottom drawer sprang open again and smacked my chins again.

So, I learned an important lesson in life: When one drawer closes, another drawer opens!

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Moe: I think I will make the High School Basketball team.

Joe: Why do you think that?

Moe: My coach said I have a good basketball IQ.

Joe: I think you misunderstood your coach. He said you had the IQ of a basketball.

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After serving for several years in the House of Representatives, Charlie decided to run for a seat in the Senate.

A fellow congressman asked Charlie why he was making this change.

Charlie explained: "My wife wanted me out of the house."

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Sometimes the only luck a person has is BAD luck. For example, Noah spent over 50 years building a boat. During that time, it never rained even once.

Then when Noah finally completed the boat and got ready to do some serious fishing, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights!

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