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While working in the psychology department at a local college, I was asked to enlarge a chart for a meeting. I called the copy room and asked, "Can I get something blown up down there?"

After a pause, the voice on the line replied, "I think you want the chemistry lab."

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"When are you going to fix that front fence," said the farmers wife.

"Next week when Johnny Jr. comes home from college," replied Johnny Sr.

"What will the boy know about fixing a fence?"

"He ought to know a heap. He wrote me that he'd been taking fencing lessons for over a month."

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A student at a management school came up to a pretty girl and hugged her without any warning.

The surprised girl said, “What was that?”

The guy smiled at her, “Direct marketing!”

The girl slapped him soundly.

“What was that?!” said the boy, holding his cheek.

“Customer feedback.”

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A man walks up to a librarian and asks, "Do you have any books on Pavlov's dogs and Schrödinger's cat?"

The librarian responds, "It rings a bell but I'm not sure if it's here or not."

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