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While my third-grade class was completing a writing exercise, one of the students asked me how to spell "piranha."

I told him I was unsure. To my delight, he went to the dictionary to solve his problem.

That's when I overheard another pupil say to him, "Why bother to look it up? She doesn't know how to spell it anyway."

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"Why are you late Freddie?" asked his teacher angrily.

"Please ma'am, it was late when I started from home."

"Then why didn't you start early?"

"Please, ma'am, it was too late to start early."

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A high school student stared thoughtfully at the second question on his exam, which read, “State the number of tons of coal shipped out of America in any given year.”

Suddenly, his brow cleared, and he wrote, “1492: None.”

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Teacher: What is a synonym?

Student: A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other!

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