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Politician (to his lawyer): I'll admit it was a miracle you were able to clear my name. However, I don't understand why you charged me three times the hours of actual work?

Lawyer: It has to do with the law.

Politician: Do you mean to tell me the law told you to triple bill me?

Lawyer: No, but for some odd reason the law doesn't allow me to write the word "bribe" on a billing statement.

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An officer while walking his beat sees a lady walking a skunk along the sidewalk.

He says, "Hey lady, why do you have the skunk?"

"This is my Social Distancing Support Animal!"

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Teacher at PTA group meeting one evening...

"All right, class! Let us show your parents and our guests here tonight how much you have learned about patriotism and citizenship. Can any student please tell me why November 3rd is so important and always remembered?"

A small hand is raised in the back... "Yes, Johnny. Please share with us."

Johnny stands up and answers: "That day is so important to Americans and will always be remembered because we won't see non-stop political ads anymore till the next election."

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How do you start a fairy tale in the modern era?

"If elected, I promise..."

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