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A Union President was sitting at his son's bedside getting ready to read him a bedtime story.

He starts out, "Once upon a time and a half..."

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The General Services Administration has experts who actually visit different agencies and suggest ways to streamline their day-to-day routines.

One such expert visited the Federal Communications Commission and suggested that they get rid of the clutter. He suggested, as a start, that they throw out all correspondence over ten years old.

The FCC director loved the idea and replied, "Good thought. But first, we'll have to make three copies of everything."

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"Dad, I want to become a politician," said Jim.

His father asked, "And what are you doing to become one?"

"Nothing, dad."

"Good, you're halfway there then."

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If George Washington was the father of our country, does that make his father the grandfather of our country?

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