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The former President is disembarking his private plane, carrying his tiny dog.

One of his Secret Service men says, "Nice dog, sir."

The President says, "Thanks, I got it for the former First Lady."

The Secret Service man replies, "Nice trade, sir."

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Secretary: "Congratulations for being elected as the new chairperson for our party!"

Party Chairman: "Thank you! But what is this noise on the streets?"

Secretary: "Sir, party members are celebrating on you becoming the new party chairman."

Chairman: "Please ask them to stop. I don't want any kind of show off from our party men."

Secretary: "Sir, they are not from our party. They belong to the opposition."

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A ten-year-old was watching TV with her Grandma.

The newscaster interrupted the program to announce the outcome of a political election.

"More on candidates at 11pm," he said.

The child exclaimed, "I didn't know they could call politicians 'morons' on national television!"

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An aspiring politician was attending an interview. The interviewer asked, "If people in a place are suffering from severe drought and they are thirsty, what would you do?"

Politician: "I will provide them with water."

Interviewer: "What if there is no water at all to offer?"

Politician: "Then I will make a promise that I will provide them water."

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