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If con is the opposite of pro, then congress is the opposite of progress.

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A young girl asked her father if all fairy tales begin with "Once Upon A Time?"

"No," he replied. "A whole lot of them begin with 'If elected, I promise ...'"

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"What does the Chaplain do?

A couple was touring the capitol in Washington, DC, and the guide pointed out a tall, benevolent gentleman as the Congressional Chaplain.

The lady asked, "What does the Chaplain do? Does he pray for the Senate or House?"

The guide answered, "No, he gets up, looks at both houses of Congress, then prays for the country!"

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Three prominent politicians in boarded the same flight to from New York to England.

The first Politician started, “I can throw one $1000 note down and make one person laugh.”

“I can make two persons laugh with just two $500 notes.” the second politician replied.

The third politician retorted, “With just five pieces of $200 I can make five people laugh.”

The pilot then looked at the politicians and added, “I’m the pilot here, meaning I can throw all of you down and make more than 150 million people laugh.”

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