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+ It's a good thing you came in today. It's the last one we have.

+ You made it yourself? I would have never guessed.

+ Go ahead and tell me, I won't tell another soul.

+ It's delicious but I can't eat another bite.

+ The doctor will call you right back.

+ You don't look a day over 50.

+ Your baby is just beautiful.

+ Put the map away. I know where we're at.

+ Having a great time. Wish you were here!

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I asked my wife to buy a single thyme plant while she was at the nursery, because that's all the room I have left in my planter.

She came back with two plants because they were on sale.

I guess she two thymed me.

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I love going outdoors.

It's so much easier than going out windows.

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A surgeon, who had just gotten his suit back from the tailor shop, goes back to the shop and says, "My suit just fell apart!"

"Oh my!" the tailor replies. "Do you know how this could have happened?"

"I don't know," the surgeon replies. "It was fine until I took the stitches out."

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