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A group of extraterrestrials were sent to earth to monitor and/or stop the use of nuclear weapons. The first creature they made contact with was a chimpanzee. Mistakenly they mistook the chimp as being the dominant species of planet earth.

After scanning the chimp one of them looked at the others and said, “This must be a mistake, perhaps we’re on the wrong planet.”

One of the other Aliens said, “You may be right. It’s obvious these beings are far too intelligent to use nuclear power in a destructive way."

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A scientist finally realizes his dream of creating a formula for becoming invisible. Entering the family home, he trips over a mysterious unseeable lump. The mystery quickly unraveled after finding a note left by his less scientific sibling written as follows:

Dear Brother,

Hope you don’t mind. I’ve borrowed your formula to do some tests of my own. First, I will run through walls! Second...

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What's E.T. short for?

So he can fit in the spaceship.

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Why are ghosts banned from the liquor stores?

Because they would steal all the BOOS!

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