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Shrink: "In your own words, please describe how you see yourself?

Me: "Reverse Tardis."

Shrink: "And why is that?"

Me: "Bigger on the outside."

Shrink: "And how does your wife see you?"

Me: "Same way, different perspective."

Shrink: "And how's that?"

Me (tears in eyes): "Smaller on the inside."

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I found an ugly creature dead in my son's bedroom. My son said it was an alien brain sucker.

Apparently it starved to death.

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First Martian: That girl over there rolled her eyes at me. What should I do?

Second Martian: If you were a real gentleman, you'd pick them and roll them back to her!

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What do you call the Oracle from The Matrix movie, without her guardian?

She's Sans Serif

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