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My dental hygienist retired, after 55 years of working...

All she got was a lousy plaque.

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Teeth said to Tongue: "If I press down on you just a little, you will get cut."

Tongue replied: "If I misuse one word, all 32 of you will come out."

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(Dentist) This is going to pinch a little.

(Patient) I love the way you guys substitute words like 'pinch' for 'pain'.

(Dentist) You're right. Hang on to your chair, this is going to hurt like hell.

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A boy and his mother stood in the dentist's office, looking at a display case. "If I had to have false teeth, mother, I'd take that pair there," said the small boy, pointing.

"Hush, Willie," interrupted the mother quickly, "Haven't I told you it's bad manners to pick your teeth in public?"

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