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History and statistics show that lightning strikes men five times more often than women...

But I think they got the wrong count for how many times women strike men.

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“Will marry me?”


2 hours of uncomfortable silence in the hot air balloon.

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Not only did my girlfriend not want to join me trekking the Appellation Trail, she didn’t want to be apart for 41 days this summer.

After some back and forth on the subject she finally gave me the go ahead. Upon my return I found out she had a new boyfriend.

I don’t understand why, after all I distinctly remember her telling me to “Take a Hike!”

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Research shows that men, on average, speak about 10,000 words per day, and women speak about 40,000.

What the research doesn’t tell you is that it’s not that women are actually saying four times as much, they just have to repeat everything that many times because men don’t listen.

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