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So I didn't appear to be a loser, I concocted a story to tell my friends, about my having a girlfriend who lets me put lipstick and rouge on her.

In other words, not only did I make her up, I MADE her up!

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Two girlfriends were talking to each other about relationships. "I put an ad in one of those singles websites looking for a boyfriend."

"What kind of guy did you say you were looking for?"

"I wanted an ambitious guy who likes to dig in to get the job done and is really down to earth. I think I found him."

"So what does he do?"

"He's a grave digger."

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Dear John,

I have been unable to sleep since I broke off our engagement. Won't you forgive and forget? Your absence is breaking my heart. I was a fool, nobody can take your place.

All my love,

Belinda. xxxxoooxxxx

P.S. Congratulations on winning last week's Powerball lottery.

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Item in the "Cyclops Dating for Dummies" book: Never date a cyclops much shorter than you.


You'll never see eye to eye on anything.

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